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Logic Tech Quickcam Fusion

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By shiangsta on
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Logitech webcams are among an elite group. Customers who seek quality over price would go for a logitech rather than a noname brand. However do the extra features really dignify such the expense? Lets take a look.

I own a logitech quickcam fusion. It was once upon a time a top of the line webcam, whose throne has overtime been invaded by newcomers such as the Orbit and Quickcam Ultravision. However, it is still a good webcam and worth a look if you are interesting in purchasing a webcam from Logitech.

The fusion offers 1.3 Mega pixel photography and 600x400 with 30 FPS (if you are live recording) video resolution. Not bad considering it is over 2 years old. However, the 1.3 mega pixel is not that impressive when placed next to some of the most common cellphones nowadays which have 2.0mp or higher. Do note, you are not using a webcam to take professional photos, it's for those of us with an acquired taste for choppy live interaction with a distant loved one. It is not recommended for those of you who are obsessively compulsively in need of HIGH RESOLUTION photography/video.

Installation of this gadget is a breeze. the USB 2.0 webcam is almost as simple as plug and play... more like, plug, install driver, and play. Once you go through the simple steps of installing the driver, whenever youwish to take that webcam off and plug it back in, it is as simple as pulling on the cord.

The features? It's great, facetracking will be plenty of fun and it really does follow you face!

All in all, it is a great webcam. I recommend it for any user!