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Logitech G5 7 Button Laser Mouse

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derwood By derwood on
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I recently decided that it was time to replace the old two button, "ball-type", scroll mouse that I had been using at home for years. I finally grew tired of the all-too-frequent cleanings of the rollers inside the guts of my old mouse, so I decided it was time to upgrade to something a little more modern. After shopping around online and in the local stores, and after reading some online reviews, I decided on the Logitech G5 7-Button Laser Mouse.

I guess this mouse was designed with the computer gamer in mind, and while I'm not a hardcore gamer by any means, I do play around on occasion. I chose it mainly because I wanted something more advanced, something that would perform better, and something that would offer a few more useful features than my old mouse.

Upon receiving my new mouse, I unpacked it, looked it over, and connected it up to my PC. One of the things that struck me immediately was the design on the body of the mouse. It has sort of a dark-blue lightning-type pattern across its surface, and while the "style" of my pointing device is not important to me in any way, I actually thought that this one looked pretty cool.

When I tried it out for the first time, I found that it fits my hand very well. The countours of the mouse feel nice, and the buttons are located within easy reach of my fingers and thumb. Left-handers beware, though, because this mouse definitely seems as though it was designed with a right-handed person in mind.

The buttons on the mouse are placed well and are easy to activate, and the scroll wheel offers offers side to side scrolling in addition to the standard up and down movement. The cord is flexible and long enough to reach across my desk, and it appears to be covered in some sort of braided fiber.

The laser pickup gives this mouse very fast and precise response, and I like the fact that you can either speed up or slow down the speed of the cursor by just pressing either of the two buttons on the top of the mouse. I find that slowing down the cursor can be especially helpful when I'm performing detailed tasks such as image editing. In addition to customizing the speed of the mouse, you can also customize its weight. Included in the package was a set of small weights and cartridge that can be inserted into the bottom of the mouse to add some heft to it, if that's desired. While this is an interesting feature, I don't think I'll ever use it.

Those are some of the many positive features of this mouse, but I have also encountered two minor negatives.

First, I find that the thumb buttons do not seem to offer much tactile feedback when I press them, so it's sometimes hard to determine whether or not I've actually made a full "click". I've also noticed that they do not always seem to work in my web browser (they're supposed to function as the "Back" and "Forward" buttons), but that could just be because I'm not always sure if I've fully depressed them.

Second, I'm finding that the side-to-side action of the scroll wheel can sometimes interfere when I'm trying to click with the scroll wheel. This might just be because I haven't used the mouse long, and it may just take a little time for me to get used to the feel.

Overall, in the short time I've owned ths mouse, I'm very pleased with it. It works well for all of my daily tasks, and I look forward to using it for its intended purpose (gaming) sometime in the future. It is a bit on the expensive side, but for the features and performance that you get, it seems to be worth it.