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Logitech Harmony One Universal Remote

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By mellaview on
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Honestly when I was sent the Logitech Harmony One Universal Remote I truly thought that I was given the coolest gadget I have ever gotten (besides my HDTV of course).

According to Logitech, this remote would be the easiest remote I had ever used. Not only that it could replace nearly every dang remote in my house. With this one remote I could control my HDTV, my game consoles, cd player, cable box, dvd player, lights, and other electronic devices.

When I actually got to setting it up though, it was a whole new story.

First I needed online access, without the internet, I couldn't program the remote! This is a deal killer for those who do not have internet access. Lucky for me though, I have acess to online 247.

I figured seeing how I had the net, the next steps would be as easy as pie.

I placed in the software that came with the remote, and waited for it to install onto my PC. After the set up was done, I was then taken to the Logitech Harmony One's software/program.

Everything looked simple and easy, all I had to do was log in the devices I wanted to use with the Harmony One.

I did this with ease. After loading the devices into the remote using the USB cable that came with it, I figured I was done. The remote would work with my devices now.

No such luck. Some devices were recognized, and others were not.

Overall the remote was a huge pain in the ass, and it took me quite a few hours to get the remote to work with everything I needed it to work with.

Still though it was such a pain in the keester, that I'd prefer using my old remotes that came with the original devices. At the $249.99 price tag, it is truly not worth the hassle.

In order to fully grasp this remote you need to have some PC knowledge, and you have to be gadget saavy.

Save your money, use your old remotes.