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Logitech Headphones

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By MiniTk Kwan on
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I use my logitech headset whenever i talk on msn phine calling system or playing a game and wanting to hear the sound effects. I find them highly useful when using skype because not only do i get great sound quality but my voice is heard as it would be heard at home. The headset is comfy unless you where it for about 5 hours straight. Thats when the top of your ears get a bit achy or scratched by the dent that your headset makes ...

I bought or my dad bought these from dicksmith and i thought they would be great to use because of their style and because the quality of sound when we tested it in the shop. The only complaint is that if there are too many people using the internet inside your house at the same time. The voice waves don't get to the reciever as quick as before all the internet usgae. Plus, when you wear it too long it can for red lines on the top of your ears which will cause a tiny bit of pain but the side effect wears away after 5 seconds or so.

Get these if you want clear sound, comfiness for 5 hours less and something use to contact people over seas and that you are dying to talk with. These earphones/ headset also can be used for ipods, CD players and PSP devices/ portable devices.