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Logitech Mx1100 Wheel Of Fortune

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By miko on
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Owing to the death of my MX1000 (reception issues), I was given the opportunity to start a new relationship with a mouse. I felt it hard to let go, as the MX1000 was my favorite mouse I've ever used. As it was still under warranty, I asked Logitech for a replacement, but they discontinued the MX1000 : ( I tried the Revolution, but didn't like how it sat in my hand and double wheels screamed gimmick as I couldn't find a practical use for it.

Enter the MX1100.

At first glance, it seems like a hybrid of the MX1000 and Revolution. And more or less, it is. It has your large raised body, which you can easily fit the palm of your hand in, but has large teflon feet for easy sliding on any surface. I love the size, and I by no means have large hands, so I loved this mouse as well. The scroll wheel can be set to free-spin to get through documents quickly or the classic clicky version, which I use regularly. The switch is right under the wheel, requiring little adjustments to access. There are two back/forward buttons (an upgrade to mice that rivals the scroll wheel and optical/lasers) as well as a 'stealth button' right under the thumb resting area. You can't see it under the nubbed rubber area, but its clearly there when you press it. I almost never used it, but as a gamer, you can never have too many buttons. Also for the gamer in you, there is an on-the-fly DPI toggle to change sensitivity.

Instead of using a dock to charge the mouse, it accepts two AA batteries, and if you're a Sanyo Eneloop fan like me, its a huge bonus. Not having a dock on your desk means you can plug it into any usb port and get going. This means its great for a desktop OR laptop. The wakeup time for the MX1100 is slightly slower than the MX1000 I had before, but its still just a slight distraction, as opposed to getting rid of the dock altogether. There is no part inside the mouse to actually house the usb receiver, so it's not quite portable. Also, it doesn't have Logitech's unifying receiver technology, but maybe a future update will have it in the works.

Overall, I've found a very worthy successor to my MX1000, and it has been treating me well as I've been treating it.