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Logitech Mx310 Optical Mouse

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jjc1001 By jjc1001 on
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I purchased the Logitech MX310 for around $30.00 at the now-bankrupt Circuit City in Janurary 2005. I upgraded from a generic ball mouse to the Logitech MX310, making it my first laser mouse. Needless to say, the difference was noticeable. Movement of the mouse was much smoother. The additional buttons on the mouse, other than the standard right and left buttons, made navigating easier. I was able to conveniently click one of the side buttons to go back to a previous page on a website or file folder without having to move my mouse, although I don't use the extra buttons as often now. The warranty of the product is 3 years, which is quite advantageous for a simple computer mouse.

There are several drawbacks to the MX310. The included CD has a lot of unnecessary software. The only reason to install said software is for the ability to assign specific tasks to the extra buttons. Periodically, a message pops up on your screen that asks you to register your product on the Logitech website, which can be annoying. The software can be uninstalled easily enough though and may not be needed in the first place.

The Logitech MX310 also seems to have a problem with discoloration. I have had mine for more than 4 years. In that time, the Logitech logo has been rubbed off of the mouse, and there are 2 noticeable white marks on the silver right and left buttons. It is most likely the sweat from my hands that has physically deteriorated the mouse over the years. Although this experience may vary among different people with different body chemistry, I believe this counts as a potential negative aspect though not a guaranteed one.

The mouse wheel, though seemingly an inconsequential feature, is worth mentioning. In an online FPS shooter like CounterStrike Source (2004), the wheel is generally used for switching weapons. When I used the Logitech MX310 for games, the mouse wheel would be unreliable. Sometimes I would attempt to switch to a weapon with the wheel, only to switch to a different one or one that I did not intend to; this occurred because the wheel did not lock into position and was prone to being accidentally nudged.

In addition, I have noticed that the mouse pointer on my screen will inexplicably jump to another part of the screen that I did not intend it to from time to time. It does not happen enough to warrant a return, but it can be a temporary inconvenience. Again, this experience may vary among different people since the use of mice and their initial quality differ.

After 4+ years, I still have my MX310 hooked up to an older computer that I use occasionally. It works fine, but I have started using an MX518 predominantly on my new computer.

In conclusion, the Logitech MX310 can be used for basic computing purposes. I would advise purchasing it at a low price (preferably below $20.00) or finding an expensive alternative of higher quality.