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Logitech Stereo Headset For Music Lovers

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Logitech Premium Stereo Headset

When someone talks about Headset means (anyone can understand) that the person loves to hear music and must be using it in his/her regular day to day life- like in the office, home, walking on a street while evening / morning walk. So when we use headset the very first thing we want about is - it should have a great sound quality (input / output both), Am I right? :)

Few months back, I had given my old headset (standard one without microphone) to my PAPA and then I started looking another with microphone for me.

In the evening time I went to the shop which is nearby my home and I found this Logitech Premium USB Headset 350. By looking at it, I liked its overall design and look but no one just go on the looks and design, quality matters a lot.. So I tested it and I found much suitable with amazing sound quality. So that day again I bought another headset for me.

Now let me go through its specifications and later I will more talk about my experience.

I am using this headset everyday and enjoying music. I liked it.

- 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack

- 3.5 mm microphone jack

- Frequency response:

o Headset: 20-20, 000 Hz

o Microphone: 100-16, 000 Hz

- Microphone Sensitivity: -59 dBV/┬ÁBar, -39 dBV/Pa +/-4dB

Here some of the very important things I would like to point out about the Headset:

- It is with Stereo Sound: Hear full, rich movies, music, games and phone calls; amazing sound (input/output quality)

- Noise-Cancelling Mic: It blocks unwanted background noise

- 3.5 mm Plug

- We can adjust out Microphone, anytime we can move it out of the way to enjoy the audio if not going to talk on phone or not doing voice chat

- To adjust the volume and mute, Inline Controls are present; very convenient to handle and perform such a operations

- It comes with very Soft Foam Ear pads - you will enjoy hearing and using it

- High quality Headband gives you a very comfortable fit

In line control comes with the clip, so we can easily hang it on the t-shirt and easily control volume level. As you can see in the picture that it comes with one Logitech sticker on the in-line control, it is a volume controller from where you can increase / decrease volume by rotating it clock / anti clockwise direction.

One small button is present on the edge of that control to mute and un-mute the microphone. So you can start hearing or talking to the phone anytime by just one click. I like this feature very much.

Wire is too long that easily can seat back or can sleep while hearing music keeping your laptop or desktop computer away from you.

I have used many standard headsets but high end - I had never used before. This is the first one I am using. I have used it for recording purpose also.. and my experience it - its quality in hearing / recording sound is amazing. Output sound mode is Stereo so you can enjoy it.

The only problem I found is- If you are wearing spectacles regularly and if you are going to purchase this headset then after sometime your ear will start paining as It is not comfortable with spectacles, for those who are not wearing any spectacles it is the best suites for your ears; very comfortable and smooth. Also as I have mentioned that output mode is Stereo- so when you increase the volume Max the people present around you can hear the big sound.

Overall I liked this headset; a very good headset with microphone having good input/output sound quality. Recommend it

Price that I have purchased in India: Rs. 795/- so maybe you will get around $18-$20 USD.

Thanks for your time reading and rating my review.