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Logitech Vx Revolution Cordless Laser Mouse

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Erich Rosenberger By Erich Rosenberger on
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I spend a lot of time typing and working on my laptop. As such, I need something better than the built in touch pad for pointing and clicking. A few months ago I took a chance on a Logitech VX Revolution Cordless Laser Mouse. It's completely changed the way I work on my laptop. In fact, I can't imagine how I got along without it.

The VX Revolution is designed as a portable mouse to take with you on the road and use with a laptop, although it will work perfectly well on a desktop computer as well. It's a two button mouse with a slider wheel between the left and right buttons, like most mice sold these days. On the thumb side is a pair of buttons, most commonly used to go forward and back in a web page. There is a zoom slider near your index finger for zooming in and out of web pages with small text. On the top behind the scroll wheel is a small search button. To use it, you simply highlight a bit of text and click the search button. The mouse will then open a search page for that text using a search engine you designate. Pretty neat.

OK, that's the basic feature set, but it doesn't really explain what is so great about this mouse. The revolutionary element of the VX Revolution is the scroll wheel. Dubbed “hyper-scrolling” by logitech, there is a small switch on the bottom of the mouse which allows the wheel to spin friction-free. In this mode, you can give the wheel a quick spin and it will scroll VERY fast in either direction for several seconds. I'm easily able to spin down at least 50 pages down a Word document in a second. With practice, I got good at giving the wheel a quick spin and then stopping it in mid spin when I got where I was going. Long web pages can be negotiated in a similar fashion. Of course, if you want a more traditional scroll wheel experience, you just flip the switch back and it regains a normal level of friction.

The USB receiver inserts in to the rear of the mouse when your traveling. Putting the receiver in the mouse also turns it off, saving battery life. The mouse uses a single AA battery, which has lasted me almost two months with heavy daily use – not bad at all.

If there is one downside to the VX Revolution it's the size. Being a “laptop” mouse, it's not exactly full size. I'm a tall man with relatively large fingers and it's a bit cramped for me. If you have small hands you may actually prefer this size mouse. But many people with larger hands will find this mouse too small for everyday use.

Tracking is accurate and quick. It works on just about any surface you can imagine. I've sat at coffee shops and worked the mouse on a couch armrest with no mousepad. It never skips, jumps, or misses a click.

Another nice feature that I like about the VX Revolution is the software. It loads easily and allows you full control and customization of the features. All the buttons are customizable, as well as other features such as scroll speed - which is very important if the hyper-scrolling is a little too hyper for your taste. The software even gives you a battery level indicator telling you how many days you have left until you have to change the battery. It works on both Macs and PCs, although I've only used it with Windows XP.

Bottom line – if you need a small portable mouse, but this one. You won't be disappointed. Within a week you will be hyper-scrolling up and down web pages wondering how you ever got anywhere before you bought this.