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Logitech X 240 Speakers, With Mp3 Cradle

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By igotarock on
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These speakers are quite a find for anyone. Whether you want them for gaming, movies, or just to listen to music, these are an ideal accessory. The Logitech X-240 Speakers, with MP3 Cradle offers 2 Satellite Speakers, a Subwoofer, and a Cradle. The Cradle has an orange glowing LED Power Button, and a Volume wheel on the side. The subwoofer's design is nice, but almost too small for its power. It has an adjustable Bass level by using a knob in the back of the subwoofer. If you like loud music, be sure this sub woofer is placed on the floor, or else it will slide around on hard surfaces such as desk (Which is where mine is, and I have to put a weighted bean bag next to it to prevent sliding.). The little bit of sliding barely flaws these speakers because they have so many positive things about them you really forget about the bad things. First off, these speakers have a lot power behind them for their size. They're just about allways crystal clear, unless you're blaring music at 100 Volume clear across the board. Because of the adjustable bass level, you never have to worry about the bass overpowering the music. Personally, I like to listen to my music loud, but sometimes it's hard to because the bass from these speakers are enough to shake the whole house; thankfully I can just turn the bass down to zero, and not have to worry about that when people are home ... But when they leave, I crank it up to MAX!

Again, the sound is very sharp and clear, the bass is perfect and adjustable, and they have a lot of power backing them.

For the price, these speakers are worth every penny, and won't put a dent in your wallet. These Logitech speakers are very sturdy, and not easily breakable, unless you punch them on a daily basis...

♦ I would recommend these to anyone.