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Logitech Z 2300 Thx, 2.1 Style

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By miko on
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Logitech? Don't they make keyboards and mice? Yeah, I dunno either. But it seems their speakers are pretty good, too. The Z-2300s are a THX-certified 2.1 set that have me opening my eyes (and ears I suppose) to Logitech's stance in the audio department.

These bad boys are a sexy looking set of speakers. Matte black and silver go really well together on the speakers and sub. The speakers have a mesh grill that can be removed, exposing the channels underneath (I think it looks better this way, IMO). The two front speakers are tilted upwards, but have no adjustment capabilities, but it doesn't affect the sound negatively at all. The sub is huge, and kicks out quite a bit of bass (re: THX). At the same time, it's got a big foot and a half footprint, so make sure you've got room to put it somewhere. It's heavy weight lets it kick the deepest basses, but don't expect to move this set frequently without some effort. The remote is well made, with dials for master volume, bass level, and a power button. My favorite part of the remote is the headphone jack that they didn't need to have, but its a handy addition when you're not trying to wake up the neighbourhood, THX-style. You can even turn the speakers off, and the headphones will still pump out the tunes, saving a little on that electricity bill, I suppose.

I don't claim to be an audiophile, but these speakers sound realll good. And they can go realll loud. I don't have any uncompressed raw giant files of audio to test, but watching DVDs and listening to mp3s, these guys were more than enough. No static, or weird buzzing that some speakers have. I never usually over halfway on the volume dial, as they can easily output quite a bit of sound, given the THX-certification. Sometimes, when the bass is set relatively high, the beats can overkick the rest of the sound, which is a little distracting. Just adjusting the balance between the powerful sub and the satellites can fix this.

For $99, I couldn't NOT get this set. I had some piddly cambridge soundworks 4.1 set, with useless satellites that wouldn't disturb a gnat. Even for $150, this set would be a solid addition to a computer system. It even has a Y-cable to plug your favorite game system into, so you can play SNES in THX. For a home theatre set, I would spend a little more on a solid 5.1 set, as this set is directed toward the home computer audio market. Although not as incredibly high end as the reknowned Klipsch Promedia 2.1 THX set, this one cannot be ignored, with its relatively cheaper price and (my opinion) a much better looking set of speakers.