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Logitech's Trackman Marble Mouse Is The Bomb!

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Logitech's Trackman Marble Mouse is absolutely, without questions, the best mouse I have ever used. It's plug and play, easy to clean, accurate, easy on your hand and best of all - you don't move the whole mouse.

When I first started editing photographs and creating graphics, I found a standard mouse difficult and cumbersome when it came to on-screen accuracy. I was quickly annoyed by the continuous need to clean the roller balls and the surface on which the mouse rolled on. I found that my hand and wrist would become stressed after lengthy use of a standard mouse, so I went on a hunt for a new one.

At Staples, I found Logitech's Trackman Marble Mouse. Instinctively, I knew this was going to be the best mouse to eliminate my standard mouse pet peeves. Boy was I right! Gently placing my hand on the mouse, I immediately notice it matches the natural curve of my hand. Manipulating the trackball with my fingers (I use my index and middle finger together), my thumb rests naturally on the left button, and easily reaches the smaller back button. My ring finger and pinky lay on the right mouse button.

Accuracy is fantastic! The point of the curser goes exactly where I want it to the first time. No more picking the mouse up and spinning it around to try to get it to land where I need it to. It's also much easier to click and drag when I want to select a large item because I spin the ball and not move the whole mouse. Another benefit of not moving the whole mouse across a flat surface is portablity. With a standard mouse, I need a hard surface for it to travel on. But with Logitech's Trackman Marble Mouse, I can place the mouse on any surface that is stable - such as the arm of the couch or a even a couch pillow, and enjoy full control. Not enough for you? Well, because i'm not sliding a mouse all over a surface, I have gained desk space. I do not have to worry about running into nearby items - such as a phone, or note pad. I'm not constantly repositioning things out of the way. I've even used my thigh as a surface for Logitech's Trackman Marble Mouse. Try that with a standard roller ball or infrared mouse.

Finally, cleaning. It's the easiest and quickest mouse to clean. Simply pop out the trackball, wipe the three nodes within the cup that holds the ball. Wipe the little screen if needed and put the trackball back on. Takes less than 15 seconds.

Logitech's Trackman Marble Mouse lasts forever, too. The mouse pictured is 3+ years old. It's my second Logitech Trackman Marble Mouse and I'm thinking about buying one or two more, just incase Logitech decides to discontinue them. Highly recommend? Absolutely!