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Lokfuls Is Great!

Reviewing: Lokfuls Skin Care Soap For Eczema & Itches  |  Rating:
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My aunt who lives in Hong Kong bought my father this soap bar, Lokfuls Skin Care Soap, when she was told by my mother that my father had sensitive skin, allergy and recently his eczema came again. I'm just like him, having this sensitive skin, allergy and eczema. So I always have a thought that I got these from my father. Well, anyway, my aunt brought two of this soap bar for my father, but then my father gave one for me.

Lokfuls Skin Care Soap is said to have been made in England, in fact you can see this info on their box and the soap bar (it is written 'UK soap' there). Well, I'm not so sure about this since the direction and ingredients printed on the box are in English and Chinese. The soap comes in 140gr, which I think is quite big for a soap bar. It is in brown color, and the aroma coming from it is somewhat like an old-school aroma (coming from my grandmother's soap) which I often smelled when I was a kid. The packaging is nice; it comes with a box, a good quality box. This soap bar is said to function as a medication for itches and keeping the skin healthy. It is specially made for sensitive skin. I used this soap bar almost daily, and at first I felt a little pessimistic about it and feared that it might even worsen my eczema. But it turns out that I was wrong. This soap bar could really works in relieving itches. It would be good if they sell this in my country but I haven't found it anywhere around. Overall, I'm satisfied with its work.