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Lolita Lolita Movie 1997 Review

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Simonas Balnys By Simonas Balnys on
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I can't say that I have much experience writing reviews of movies. But I want to start doing that. Somedays I watch upto 3 movies in day. But movies good like this? Maybe one or two times in my lifetime. Story about Lolita and Humbert really gave me a lot of minds about people which you love.

Lolita's main actor is Jeremy Irons which plays a sad loner - Humbert Humbert. Humbert's first love died at age of fifteen and he can't forget her, so after many years he is still searching for somebody who could remind him. And he finds. Who? A little wild girl named Lolita. Even if Humbert found his new love, he knows that his new love is something like a devil.

In the middle of movie Lolita's mother tragically dies in accident. After that these two loners are going to the trip. The trip changes them and they are getting more and more agressive on each other.

This film has really interesting end that you won't see in any other movie.

My rating: One of greatest movies I have ever seen!

Warning: "Rated R for aberrant sexuality, a strong scene of violence, nudity and some language."