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Lonely Planet Makes Mexico Not So Lonely

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In April of 2004 my husband got relocated to Hermosillo, Mexico for 1 year. I never even knew that Hermosillo existed as I've only ever heard of the tourist destinations like Los Cabos, Cozumel, Cancun, etc. I wanted learn a little more abort Hermosillo and the Senora region of Mexico since I'd be living there with 4 year old twins. After searching endlessly online for a definitive resource, a colleague of mine heard I would be moving to Mexico and bought me the Lonely Planet Mexico book. This was the best gift she could've given me!

The front cover of the book showed brightly colored sombreros which really catches your eye. The yellows, hot pink, purple and green of the sombreros are vibrant and practically jump off of the cover. On the back of the book is a map and nice blurb about the book. The most interesting thing that peaked my interest was a quote cited from the Wall Street Journal 'Lonely Planet is best for curious and independent-minded travelers.' After all, I did want to be able to 'Get Around', 'Be Inspired', 'Become the Expert', 'Rest Easy, and "Habla Espanol' - all topics the back summary provided.

Not only was I able to familiarize myself with the Mexican sate of Senora but I was also able to learn more about Mexico in general (culture, government, history is all provided in this book) and Hermosillo like where all the internet cafes (this was a huge concern for me as I am completely hooked to the internet!), the best restaurants and where the cultural monuments/museums were located. All in plain language written by someone who has actually been there. I also looked at the map provided to get familiar with the names of the roads I'd be traveling on everyday. The Lonely Planet's Mexico allowed me to envision in my mind's eye what Hermosillo would look like and this helped with my planning. It was great driving to through Hermosillo and noticing hotels or restaurants mentioned in the book. Phone numbers and street addresses, prices and hours of operation are quoted for each business mentioned (Banks, Post Office, Sights and Activities, etc) . I was also able to take the kids to both of the recommended recreation parks, Mundo Divertido and La Sauceda. They loved the water slides at Mundo Divertido and creating huge bubbles in the science room and riding the train at La Sauceda. I would've never known of these places if it weren't for the Lonely Planet Mexico book!

We've been back in Canada for a couple years now and will be going to Saltillo, Mexico next year because my husband will be relocating there. The first thing I reached for was my Lonely Plant Mexico book to learn more about Saltillo. I'm exicted about moving to Saltillo and my Lonely Planet Mexico book will virtually take me there without leaving Canada!