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Long Awaited, Newly Released...And Not Worth It?

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faocha By faocha on
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Ever since the iPod Touch came into being, people have whinned (ever so loudly) about the lack of storage space. Well hopefully, you didn't run out after filing your tax return and spend the extra cash on an ipod touch, because guess what? A few short weeks after the MacWorld conference, lo and behold we wake up today to a 32GB iPod Touch now available for $499.00!

So the question beckons, is it worth it? Well, lets compare the positive and negative:

Negative - they charged for more space! Many people who opened their emails this afternoon may have had the same thought... basically, "Wtf?" Usually apple releases the same general product with more space for the same price, thereby encouraging you to sell your previous ipod on amazon or ebay for a little less than list (because we all know how apple owners keep their gadgets in immaculate condition waiting for these opportunities) and then pay for the difference in price to get your shiny new & improved product fresh from the apple store. Unfortunately, apple set this new 32gb ipod at $499, a $100 increase.. making previous ipod touch owners who paid the initial $399, think twice about wanting to sell the old to get the new.

Positive- Everyone who wanted new space and has the money to burn, now has the opportunity to acquire it.

In the end, it seems to me that the question of the month should be: Why is apple charging for upgrades?