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Long Resistance Tube

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maryelser By maryelser on
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My son purchased a Long Resistance Tube by Athletic Works at Walmat last week. He likes to fool around with exercising and lifting weights. I say fooling around because he is like me, he likes the idea of having a buff body but gets tired of working for it!

It is made with a 54" professioal quality resistance tube, nylon handles and thick padded grips. The handles seem sturdy enough and the padded grips were more comfortable than I thought they would be. It claims on the box that with just 15 minutes a day of resistance tube training you can transform your body.

Now, I don't know about transforming my body (though it would be a pleasant surprise to wake up one morning looking like one of the girls off of Bay Watch!) but when I did about 16 reps of three exercises with the resistance tube, I could feel both my triceps and biceps burning.

Included in the box is a sheet with about 10 different exercises and I would list what they are but it mysteriously disappeared. So instead, I am listing a few exercises that I know you can do with them. They are: single arm row, seated row. reverse fly and a back pulldown. There are also leg exercises you can do with the resistance tube.