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Lookie What I Scanned!

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Image for Lookie what I scanned!

The photographs that you are viewing were taken from the 1920’s to 1990 - all long before digital cameras were available.

The color “baby with rose“ picture was taken in 1969. The color that was captured by the scanner is exactly as it is in the original image.

Some of the older images have wrinkles, scratches and creases. The scanner was still able to capture the pictures wonderfully.

I thought that using my image space for what I scanned in would be more helpful than to show you the scanner itself, which is very thin, so thin that it fits into my laptop case in the pocket in front of my laptop. This was a big plus for me. The scanner is long and wide enough, however to scan an image up to 8.5” x 11” so most photos, letters and magazines or books can be scanned easily without cutting anything off.

The biggest selling point for me (or why it was on the top of my Christmas list) is that there is no need for a power cord with this scanner. It pulls all the power that it requires from the USB cable! It runs seamlessly off of my laptop while plugged in or on battery.

Since it is made for travel, there is a locking switch on the bottom of the scanner to lock the scan bar into place. This ensures that the scan bar will not rattle around in your laptop bag, potentially causing damage to your scanner. Just remember to unlock it when you pull it out to use it and lock it back up before you put it away and you will be all set.

The scanner itself takes a few moments to warm up, but I do not see that it is slower than other scanners that I have used. Once it has warmed up the first time it does go a bit faster.

The features are pretty much the same as other scanners. You can choose to preview the image or not, send it directly to mail, to your printer or save it to your computer. If you choose the preview, you can also actually crop the image before you scan it into your computer so that it will only save the portion of the image that you select… this has come in handy on a few occasions.

The CanoScan also has the options of how good you want the image quality to be from 75 to 1200 dpi. I can also choose from black and white, grayscale or several color options.

I cannot stress enough that the smaller, thinner size of this scanner is an asset, not a hindrance and that the smaller size does not mean less or a smaller performance.