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Looks Better Than It Works

Reviewing: Flame King Propane Level Indicator  |  Rating:
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I always worry that the gas grill will run out of fuel at the worst possible time. I thought that this reasonably priced propane level gauge was going to eliminate my worries. Unfortunately, now I worry about where I have put the instructions, whether I have connected the gauge correctly, and whether the gauge really works.

This gauge also functions as a leak sensor and will automatically shut-off the flow of fuel in the event of a gas hose rupture - fortunately I have not had the opportunity to test this feature.

The documentation for this level gauge claims that its accuracy is not impacted by temperature so it will work even when it is extremely cold outside.

My main complaint about this gauge is that it is not particularly intuitive to operate. If you don't have the instructions in hand, you won't remember the steps involved in the test for minor leaks. They really should have supplied brief instructions on a laminated card which could be attached to the unit.

I also would have preferred an analog gauge which would give more detailed information about how full the tank really is. Since I swap tanks rather than refill them, I don't want to turn in a tank which is one third full.

I have to admit this was something of an impulse buy at Costco. I regret that I did not do some research first, because I believe there are better gauges available.