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Looks Like A Hard Landing!

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Like many other Christmas shoppers I got caught up in the remote control helicopter craze, that was being widely promoted during the holidays. Since my husband is a real helicopter pilot, I thought he'd enjoy flying this light-weight helicopter around the house. I even bought one for each one of my grandchildren.

The enjoyment was short-lived! First of all, the controller base takes 6 AA batteries to operate the thing. A plug from the base fits into a port on the helicopter, so it can be charged for flying-time. All of the helicopters charged-up in a short amount of time. After that was complete, my husband, and the grandkids launched their aircraft. The kids had too much trouble steering it, so basically, it went up--^ and crashed! It was too complicated for them to maneuver. My husband, being the pilot that he is, was able to keep it flying, but had trouble 'trimming' it, to make it fly straight. There was too much spinning; sort of like an airborne spinning top! He ended up putting a small amount of weight at the nose of the helicopter, (a paper clip--not included!), and that stopped the out-of-control spin.

The helicopter flies, but it isn't easy to keep in the air. You have to push levers left-and-right; up-and-down, and then keep it 'trimmed'. It's not a kid's toy at all. Certainly, it's not durable enough for children, and it's way too confusing. Even for an adult, it can be difficult.

Next Christmas season, I'm not going to be sucked-in by the advertisements! We still have the helicopter, but it's been sitting in a drawer since... hmmm... Dec 26th?