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Lord Of The Flies By William Golding

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victor nagy By victor nagy on
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At the beginning, the book was quite boring, and quite a bit too detailed, it was like every single tree was described. But later on, it got more and more interesting.

The story: A couple of kids crashes in an airplane on a small island.

Ralph, one of the characters, walks around a bit, until he found a rather fat boy with specs, Piggy. Piggy is what they call him in school, and he isn't very happy about being called that.

Soon, Ralph and Piggy finds a conch on the shore. Piggy tells that if you blow in one end a loud noise can be made when blown correctly. Ralph tries to blow it and on the third try he gets it working. He blow the conch for a while, so that everyone can hear him so they should come to the meeting.

On the first assembly Ralph decides that he, Simon and Jack should climb a mountain to make sure that they are on an island. And later they make up a fire signal on top of this mountain so that they can be rescued.

In the beginning everyone is happy, but as time goes by everyone is feeling more and more uncomfortable. When a ship finnally passes, Ralph notices that the fire has went out, as the fire watchers went with Jack hunting for meat. This creates a big anger between Ralph and Jack, and later Ralph and Jack split up, Ralph, Piggy and some little ones on one part of the island, while Jack and his tribe is on the other part of the island.

And yeah, there is a "beast". Atleast what they think. But it really is a man with a parachute that died in an accident.

Soon Jack and his tribe have a feast and they invite Ralph and the rest. While they are having the feast, Simon is out and exploring and finds out the truth about the beast. He then runs the fastest he can to Jack to tell him, but it is turning dark and the tribe is having rituals at the beach. When Simon arrives to the feast, nobody sees it is Simon and everyone think it is a beast, so they tore him apart and throws him into the ocean.

Next day Ralph and Piggy knows what happened, and they feel rather sad about it. On the night, Jack and 2 other come and steals Piggys specs so they can do fire. Ralph and Piggy gets enough about it and walks over to the tribe, which result in that Roger pushes a large rock down on Piggy so he falls 40 feet and dies :(.

Now Ralph is in serious trouble, as he heard that he is next to die. But fortunately they get rescued before that.

Overall, it was a really great book.

Also, "Lord of the flies" is a synonym for satan. That makes me believe that the island is hell xD