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Lord Of The Rings: Risk

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I like the game of Risk, as well as the trilogy Lord of the Rings. So put two and two together and Hasbro came up with a Lord of the Rings Risk board game. You can play the game like normal Risk, with the territories being countries in the Lord of the Rings, or you can play the actual Lord of the Rings way, by trying to keep, or find, the ring. I played the original way using this board game. I have found things about the game that I did not like, but also found things I did like.

First of all, the territories in some continents were too dark. You could not see the name of the territory or the borders. Since you couldn't see the borders, it was hard to know where to attack from and to or where to build armies. I also did not like the fact that only four people could play the game, as opposed to six in the original game.

Some good points about the game was you got to incorporate the movies and books into Risk. The playing pieces were good and evil, not just a soldier. You also had the chance to cross over into some countries by bridge, not just land borders. That was part of the unexpected hardship in the game; it was harder to keep control of your continent.

Overall, the Lord of the Rings Risk was a good play, it just needs some minor changes to the territory coloring and competition allowed.