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L'oreal Double Extend Mascara Tube Your Lashes!

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lexxia By lexxia on
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The L'Oreal Double Extend mascara is meant to "wrap your lashes" in tubes that won't flake, clump etc., and aren't suppose to come off until you take them off - my first go at this product had me thinking "oh crap, what have I done", as only 2 hours into my day I was chasing little black specks off my cheeks and underneath my eyes. When I actually tried the product again the following day, I realized that what I'd done was apply the base and mascara the way I have always applied two step mascara without problems. Tube mascara tends to like the user to do one eye completely and do so while the base is still wet. When I actually grasped that concept, the wearability was just fine.

With this product you have the primer which is white and this particular step is the one you really want to get right. It coats your lashes with a moisturizing coat that also assists the application of the second coat - which is the "tubes". The second step which in my case was the black shade as they didn't have my usual brown-black, is meant to be stroked on in one or two coats at most - more than that and it doesn't seem to work the greatest as far as "tubes" go.

I wasn't too impressed with the brush for the white base - it was pretty sparse but the brush for the mascara itself seemed to work pretty well.

Washing the "tubes" away was pretty quick work - and warm water only actually did the trick - just a warm cloth on the eye lashes for a few seconds and down towards the cheek and off they came - for the ease of removal this product does rate high with me.

It's the double step application factor that I am not that crazy about. I like to slap the make-up on and go and it might just be me but I found dealing with two brushes a bit of a nuisance. Of course, I did realize when I purchased this that I'd have to walk through this process so really, I guess I shouldn't be too judgmental here. I can see where the white base coat will likely be used up more quickly than the black tube coat with this product though as you use more of the white than the mascara itself - but then again, it could be the difference in the brushes that makes me think this.

If you are looking for volume - this isn't the product to choose. I didn't notice much difference in that area and actually, I have other mascara that works far better in the volume end of things - length however it seemed to do reasonably well in.

Overall, personally, I didn't mind the look, the application process could be better and the ease of removal was terrific so although I'd much prefer a one step and go - as a mascara that helps me end my day a with a little less work, I guess I can live with the extra steps at the beginning of the day for now. It won't be my daily mascara however simply because two step applications just aren't my favorite thing at 7 a.m.