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L'oreal Infallible...Shine, Gloss Staying Power

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I probably have one of the largest lipstick, lip gloss and lip liner collections in the Province! For a long time I have searched to find just one single, solitary lipstick, gloss or tint that would stay on longer than a cup of coffee lasts me, wouldn't dry out my lips and wouldn't glue my lips together because of sticky gooey oils.

When I was in a local Shoppers Drug Mart several weeks ago, as I normally do, I headed to the lipstick aisle to see what was new and if per chance there was a product on the shelves that just might end my long search for perfection.

I've used a number of L'Oreal products in the past and I even have a number of their lipsticks but when I saw the New Infallible 6 hour lip gloss I was intrigued. Six hour huh? I hadn't yet found a lip gloss that could last 6 minutes on me, 6 hours would be really miraculous. The product was new and because of that the store was having a promotion. The Gloss currently sells here for $11.99 a tube but for a limited time it was on sale for $8.99. I could afford to throw away $8.99. Having just wasted almost $23 on a tube of lipstick only weeks before the pain of that purchase wasn't yet over with so adding a bit more hurt wasn't going to kill me.

I grabbed the slender little tube of shade 115 Blush and headed for the check out before I changed my mind and talked myself out of the purchase. I couldn't even wait til I got home to try it on! Right there, in the parking lot I vainly popped down the mirror and prepared to be amazed.

The applicator is a triangular shaped bit of bristly material with two little holes in the middle of it. This first removal from the tube was a little tense as I was sitting in the car and imagining that the gloss might just pour all over myself and the seat so I gingerly coaxed the applicator out of the tube...it's a bit of a tight fit but once I realized how the applicator was shaped, I was able to learn that the gloss isn't terribly liquid and wouldn't spill easily.

The lip gloss went on smoothly and after applying it I waited for the stickiness to step in as is normally the case for me. There was no stickiness. Instead my lips felt really smooth and almost as though I'd not put anything on them at all.

The Blush shade is a subtle pink that is very much like the natural lips and doesn't go on heavily but rather has a nice translucency that adds just the right amount of color to look quite natural despite the shine it offers.

After applying the gloss I did what I would normally do in order to test out a new shade. I drove to the nearest Tim Horton's coffee place and ordered an extra large coffee. Go big or go home! After having enjoyed my little treat and done more shopping in the interim, I was finally ready to head home a mere 5 hours after I'd started my little testing venture. It wasn't until later in the afternoon that I realized I'd not paid any attention to the longevity of the lip gloss and with almost 7 hours past I was pretty certain that there wasn't going to be much to see. Checking the mirror I was pleasantly surprised to see that overall the gloss had kept its place and although a little less shiny now, it still looked pretty darned good. It had faired far better than I expected it would and miles better than all the other lipsticks and glosses in my arsenal had even come close to doing, save for a few lip stains.

I've been wearing this gloss now for the past few months and I am certain that when this particular shade is completed, I'll be back at Shopper's buying another, perhaps in a little different shade, but definitely it will be Infallible 6 hour lip gloss that I'll be carrying out of the store. Having worn this just about every day since purchasing as well as my youngest daughter using it every so often, I am not anywhere near being finished with this tube yet. The applicator appears to allow just enough gloss to be withdrawn that it does the job it needs to and additional dipping just isn't necessary. Good product that I am very pleased with.