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Loreal Paris Feria Cherry Chocolate 36

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My hair is naturally a darker dishwater blonde in the winter with auburn highlights. In the summer it turns more true dishwater blonde. Though, I have been dying my hair for over 13 years and have experimented with many different DIY (Do It Yourself) box sets. My true natural hair has probably changed by now. At first I went for the cheapest because not all the time does the more expensive type really mean it will have better results. Wrong! I have been platinum blonde to blue black. My favourite hair colour from the bottle is Loreal of Paris' Feria Cherry Chocolate #36.

It is a good hair colour except like a lot of hair colours, it is hard to keep the colour that your hairs sticks for the first 24-48 hours. They say not to shampoo the hair when rinsing the solution out. I agree with this; however, my hair is so long (34") that the shower is already cold by the time I am 3/4's of the way rinsing it out. You must use a dark towel because left over dye will bleed in to the towel for the first few rinses.

There is a small liquid packet of its fragrance that is suppose to ease the chemical smell and waterying of eyes or any type of sensitivy to the bottle. The fragrance smells worse than the dye alone. Keeping the bathroom or whichever room is designated for hair colouring open with a fan and as much ventilation as possible. Having a mirror is an important key to evenly distribute the colouring. I part my hair in to four sections and rub the mix in piece by piece starting from the roots.

My hair is long and damaged enough from all the dye and hair bleach that the mixture gets soaked up in my hair causing me to have to buy two bottles. If your hair is more than 6" past the collar bone or recently dyed, I would suggest a second bottle.

This product will stain your bathtub if you are not careful. If any drops undiluted make it to a sink, counter top or floor, it will stain within minutes. What I hate about this colour is it only stays that thick cherry be used chocolate for a week, washing hair or not. The tube of conditioner states that half should set upon hair for 2 mintes and use the other half the next type you wash. Even with my hair length, it is difficult to use that much conditioner at one time even when saturating my hair. Typically 6-8 conditioning sessions will come from the tube.

When roots start to appear, they are barely noticable because the final product of hair colour blends well with any hair colour except for platinum blonde making it easy to re-dye or let it grow out with out hair looking like it was dyed.