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L'oreal Revitalift Face Eye Cream

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The Revitalift eye cream and the Revitalift night face and neck firming cream came out to great fanfare as L'Oreal upshifted their drugstore line to compete with retail department store creams and premium anti wrinkle lotions being sold under global brands such as Lancome and Estee Lauder. The amount of money women (andmen) will spend had risen for anti aging effects.

Usually I do not suffer from discoloration but climate extremes can cause patchy dry spots and neck lines have been becoming more distinct. As a woman ages, natural proteins and hormones are less common throughout the body. Mere softening lotion or after bath cream doesn't have the extra power to affect skin surface beyond the after bath period. This cream by itself is too rich for me, must be smoothed on wet skin and smoothed over and diluted.

My facial skin is prone to acne and even after decades of sun avoidance I see dryness and heating and air conditioning effects on my face. Stress and even harsh makeup removal or chemicals while cleaning can amplify problems on the skin. Dryness is tough for me to treat because rich lotions simply tilt my skin into acne behavior. Thus the search for a cream that would "relax" tense winter skin. under a makeup with tough clays it's good too.

This cream is so rich that after having the jar in the bathroom for over a year it was almost full. The eye cream seemed to have a somewhat beneficial effect but I would not say anti wrinkle was the benefit, rather anti dryness. The emollience of the revitalift cream in particular is unmatched. This cream is richer than Chanel creme no. 1, which sells for about a hundred dollars. I would also say this Revitalift face and neck cream is more softening than any Lancome or Clinique cream. I would compare the Revitalift cream to Biolage or Shiseido line for this level of creamy moisture. It's that rich. The prices are comparative, although I am not sure why a heavy blue ceramic jar is needed.

But the secret use I apply this cream to is my hands and fingertips after harsh cleaning and scrubbing. While the face cream smoothes facial skin and the eye cream softens undereye tissues, a diluted tiny pea sized mass of it smoothed into pads of fingers can work miracles. After doing yearly heavy housework this stuff rubbed into clean wet skin smoothes into an incredible softener no hand lotion money can buy. Other lotions simply wash away or get rubbed off.

I like the Revitalift line for the extra special anti wrinkle benefits for facial and eye skin, but as an emergency platinum level hand softener for impossibly chapped or peeling finger ends and pads, it is a secret weapon. The lotion gets sucked into the fingers, no greasiness. After a day of tough cleaning and scrubbing, a tiny amount on the ridges of hands makes life Ok again.

It might seem an expensive use, but in an emergency I can have have hand skin soft enough to shake someone's hands without letting them know I was doing laundry and scrubbing tile earlier in the day. Or an under foundation makeup base which will stand up to the most drying European makeup with talcs and clays inside it for perfect color but extremely drying appearance.