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L'oreal Visible Lift Serum Foundation Disappointment

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By catens on
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Visible Lift Serum Foundation

This is just a warning to those who may have high expectations for this foundation, as I did. Initially, the product went on like a dream, and was one of the best liquid foundations I had come across (drugstore and high end alike) when it came to application. Unfortunately, with two hours it slides off into oblivion! If there are any traces of it left, it is in the tiny creases of my neck which is embarrassing and unsightly!

The texture is smooth, light and creamy and be applied with a dry or damp sponge for a finished, matte look or a dewey natural polish. Topping off with powder is optional. Primer is also optional. This is why I loved it so much within those first few hours. I have tried both ways, and every other combination, and the fact is that the foundation will not fit the bill for most women who need something to last at least through the morning before a lunch time touch-up. Another suggestion if you want to see if this foundation favors your skin more than mine, would be a foundation brush. This application left me with too much of a caked on coverage that I prefer, but I can say this will hide blemishes, beauty marks, and freckles if you are so inclined.

The nice thing is there is no smell, and it has an SPF of 17 that I felt really shielded my skin on days where I was out and about in the sunshine before it all melted off. The color selection is pretty limited, and I began to realize that although I found a lovely match, there was something of a putty mask-like effect to it, and the foundation would sink into and accentuate my pores and the few tiny pockmarks I try to desperately conceal.

L'oreal definitely got the design of the bottle right on this one, though! I really appreciated the sturdy thick glass bottle and fairly durable plastic cap over the pump - it is hygienic and I never had a problem with the product drying or clogging.

I will probably finish the bottle I have by using it as my "go-to-the-beach" foundation over sunscreen, and when I feel it begin to melt/sweat off, take a dip in the water. :) It may not be so bad for those with dry skin and those in less humid climates, but I feel that overall this is not a winning formula and a bit overpriced for a drugstore foundation considering its performance.