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By chaucer on
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If you're like me, you've tried 700 diets, weight loss products, and magazine articles as a quick-fix to your weight problems. And they didn't work, or they didn't work for long, or you felt worse on the plan than you did being heavy, or you just plain couldn't stick to it. And I bet you've looked at Weight Watchers and thought it was too expensive, or for older people than you, or was too cutesy with the meetings and everything.

But I have news for you. It works.

Flex is the first plan I did and where I lost the bulk of my weight. On Flex, you have the set number of points and you can eat anything you want but you have to keep track of the point values of everything you eat. You really can eat anything, from a carrot to a Big Mac, as long as you watch your points and journal about everything that crosses your lips. The only problem with Flex is that your points allowance is indicated by your weight and activity level, so as you lose weight you have fewer points. When my points got too low, I was starving all the time so I switched to Core.

With Core, you eat until you're full but you only eat fruits, veggies, lean meats, fat free dairy, and whole grains (bascially). It's more limiting but you get to eat more. But you also get 35 points/week for an 'allowance' that lets you buy any other foods you want. Example: I made chili yesterday with extra lean ground sirloin, black beans and tomatoes -- all totally Core. But my spouse was having a huge pile of toast so I "bought" myself a couple slices out of my weekly allowance. It's really that easy.

You've been waiting to change your life. It's time now. Join WW today.