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Losing Flabby Arms Without Even Thinking About It!

Reviewing: Cory Evereson Fitness Wrist Weights  |  Rating:
klkwid By klkwid on
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I don't know who Cory Everson is, but I like her weights!! These are wrist weights that weigh 1 pound each so they are light enoough to use without much trouble, but heavy enough to be useful for the light workout. Any time you work out, if you add these on to your wrists, you can definitely feel a difference in the intensity of the workout. I use them just around the house for a little extra lift during just normal household activities! If you think about it, just picking up around the place or dusting, vacuuming, or whatever else you do normally can be magnified with just a little added extra weight. Why not have these on when they are so easy to use?

They are very comfortable-you hardly know they are there. The padding on them makes it very easy to put them on, take them off, and wear without slipping around while using. They come in a couple different weights for different intensities, but 1 pound is plenty when you're just starting off or just using them around the house. You can use them for aerobic routines, pilates, Tae Bo, whatever you come up with-to add to the benefits of the workout. As far as wearing them around the house, I figure why not? Any extra workout I can get will help with my weight loss and toning efforts.

I would certainly recommend these for any fitness regimine-even if it isn't really fitness, but just cleaning up around the house! Having them on even reminds me that I'm trying to be good about what I eat, too, so when I reach for lunch, I tend to be a little more mindful!