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Lost In America An Albert Brooks Gem

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By lindaoh on
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Lost in America - a comedy gem

Anyone who is a fan of Albert Brooks knows that you can spot his brand of comedy from a mile away. Brooks' brand of comedy shines in this 1985 movie from Warner Brothers. The screenplay was co-written by Brooks and Monica McGowan Johnson and won the National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Screenplay. This Brooks-directed film is included in my top 5 comedic movies.

Linda (Julie Hagarty) and David (Albert Brooks) Howard are typical California yuppie on-the-rise status-seekers. The Howards have purchased a larger, more expensive home in anticipation of David getting a promotion at the advertising agency that he works for -- a promotion that he's waited "all his life for" and has been promised in "many lunch meetings". Instead, he gets fired.

David races to Linda's place of employment (in Human Resources) and tries to get her to quit. Linda says she will discuss it later. In the meantime David has figured up how much cash they will have if they liquidate everything they own. David convinces Linda that they can do anything they want; and the decision is made. They are going to "drop out of society" like in "Easy Rider" and spend the rest of their lives in a Winnebago touring the country.

At a bon voyage party with all their friends David gives Linda a ring and asks her to marry him again. The scene is set as they agree that Vegas will be their first destination and the venue for taking their vows once again. Linda and David hop aboard the mammoth Winnebago and set off from California to Las Vegas. And so the mayhem begins.

Brooks and Johnson have woven a clever, funny, human tale of real life. Each scene is a little gem of comedy in Albert Brooks' style.

If you are a fan of Albert Brooks, or comedy in general, this is a must-see!

This movie is rated R (Language & Mild Sexuality).