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Lost Planet May Be Better Off Not Found

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Lost Planet is a third person shooter from Capcom, the makers of Resident Evil, Street Fighter, and Megaman. As of right now, Lost Planet can only be found on Microsoft's Xbox360, but in a couple months a Playstation 3 version will also be available.

Lost Planet is about man's new frontier; a planet completely covered in ice and bug-like monsters. People have adapted to the cold and now use large mechs to traverse across the planet. After that point, Lost Planet's story falls apart. The entire games plot is ridiculous, including the ending, which definitely drags the game down.

The graphics are really the selling point of this game. The game features very beautiful snow and mountainous areas that will make your draw drop. It also makes a good use of blur and fire effects for the many mech explosions that you'll be seeing as you fight those mysterious aliens. Unfortunately, the other part of the presentation, the music, is very forgettable.

Lost Planet's third person shooter gameplay has some flaws, but is pretty good overall. Your character can carry two weapons of any type at any moment, so planning on weapons you should carry into a boss battle become very important. The grappling hook only becomes a mask for a double jump unfortunately. It doesn't revolutionize the gameplay at all. When large objects crash near your character he will fall. It is a realistic detail, but it takes the character far too long to stand back up and can make many bosses frustrating.

Lost Planet is an average game. It is definitely not up to the normal Capcom standard. Skip this one if your only option to is to buy it for full price.