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Lost: Season 1 Dvd Set

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To be honest, I did not think much of "Lost" when I first saw a teaser commercial for it. Fortunately, I managed to catch some of the beginning episodes and was pleasantly surprised. I happened to watch the third episode of Lost when it debuted in 2004 and became ensnared. Like many other viewers, I was intrigued by the character development and oddities that they encounter. After the season finale, I received a box set of the first season as a gift from one of my siblings. Lost: Season 1 is packaged with 7 DVD discs (6 contain the episodes, while the 7th harbors a series of extra features such as deleted scenes). The series Lost centers around a group of survivors of a plane crash. These survivors vary in race, age, and backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common: trying to adjust to the island that they have landed on. They don't know, however, the secrets that they keep from each other or the ones the island holds.

There are many enjoyable aspects to the first season of the show. The varied personalities and back stories are intriguing and create a surprisingly strong attachment between the viewer and the characters. Each episode is littered with flashbacks of a particular survivor, which flesh out their personas. After seeing a triumph over or defeat by their personal demons, you will look at the characters with different emotions than you did before, whether it be anger, sadness, or admiration.

The actors and actresses also factor into the appeal of the show. Nearly every character has a questionable past that involves either something they have done or something that has been done to them. The talented cast does a superb job of displaying the weaknesses of their characters but not making them seem like complete monsters at the same time. Instead of repelling the audience, the flaws of these characters makes them all the more identifiable and human. On more than one occasion, I was impressed by the depth of the fictional beings in Lost and was compelled to watch the next episode to learn more about them.

The one major problem that some may have is the abundance of unanswered questions that arise. The pace of the developing storyline creates an atmosphere of suspense, but it also demands patience. There are some mysterious events in the series that have not been explained as of yet; the season finale does little to resolve a number of its subplots. An excessive amount of subplots in following seasons may frustrate some viewers as well. Luckily, ABC, the channel that runs the series, has addressed the issue somewhat by positioning "notes" at the bottom of the screen during some episodes that explain the nuances of a scene or piece of dialogue in relation to earlier episodes.

Much of the show's criticism stems from the overabundance of enigmas, but Season 1 counteracts this problem by delivering exceptional drama. As is the case with many television shows, the freshman season possesses a refreshing quality that is slightly diminished in Seasons 2 and 3 (in my opinion). Even if you do not desire to follow the serpentine arc of the story through the other seasons, Season 1 will provide an engrossing experience by itself.