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Lost Season 3 On Dvd

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By mirandag819 on
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I don't want to ruin much about the story line, so I will stay away from plot points I promise. First let me say if you haven't watched the TV show LOST at all, you should definatly buy this DVD (well technically you should watch 1 and 2 first or you will be lost). I had never watched this on TV and was given season 1 as a Christmas gift. I was completly hooked on the show after 1 episode and I don't typically like this genre.

I much prefered watching this show on DVD than TV, no comercials and no having to wait a week or more to see what the result of a suspenful ending was.

If you have been watching this show on ABC I still highly recomend the DVD set. First of because this is the kind of show where when you watch it a second time you pick up little clues you missed before. Even more so for the special features though. I rarely check out the special features on a DVD, but because I am completly addicted to this show I decided to watch the special features. For starters you get a whole new training video for a new station. There are lots of good interviews with the cast as well as insights into the plot and charcters. What I really liked on the special features is it helps point out connections between the different charcters that I might have missed when watching the show the first time.

This is a great show and an even better DVD set !