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Lots Of Fun For Groups!

Reviewing: Wii Wario Ware Smooth Moves  |  Rating:
marlowe By marlowe on
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This game is great for mixed groups, as the learning curve is slight, and the group games are alot of fun. This game consists of hundreds of 'mini-games' that are around 3-4 seconds long where the player performs a simple, and usually hilarious, task before quickly passing the wiimote to the next player. The gamecube version of this game was a lot of fun, but the Wii version adds a whole new level to the fun. With tasks that include picking a giant nose, cooking, shaving, using your elephant trunk to pick apples, jumping rope, etc, the capabilites of the Wii are taken advantage of to their fullest.

I also thought it was really cool that a LOT of people could play this game with only one Wiimote, as you generally pass it around. This is almost part of the fun, as many of the group games are fast paced. Once you get a game going it really enhances the team spirit. So next time you have a dinner party and everyone's had a couple drinks, or next time your 8 year old has a sleep over party, bust out the Wario Ware and have fun!