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Love It!! But One Size Does Not Fit All

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Jessica Yamaguchi By Jessica Yamaguchi on
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I got my Moby D Wrap when my son was about a week old. It has been wonderful!


The Moby D Wrap is basically a really long piece of fabric that you tie around yourself (they give you instructions), then by placing baby inside the “pockets” (made by the way you’ve wrapped/tied yourself), you can carry baby in a variety of ways. One base or basic tie allows you to carry your baby in a number of different positions…(cradle, forward facing, inward facing).

No pressure points are created like most baby carriers. This can be used to carry twins, and adjusted for nursing while baby is in the wrap. It is good for Premie size/weight all the way up to 35 lbs. You can adjust and change “holds “as your baby grows (based on ability to hold head etc). There is 11 different ways total that baby can be carried.

The Moby D Wrap is basically 3 pieces of fabric sewn together to make one big long (approximately 6 yards) piece, and about 2 ft wide. The edges of the Moby D Wrap have been seamed rather than over locked. This is supposed to allow the Moby D to keep its shape over time and extended use. Moby D is available in many different colors and panel prints.

THE CENTRAL PANEL is approximately 2ft long and made of your choice of fabric (fleece, woven cotton or brocade silk). This central panel is designed to give baby more support while being carried in the wrap. It is also off centered because this wrap is designed to tie at your side rather than your at your back.

THE SIDE PANELS are made of stretchy, 100% double interlock cotton. It does feel like a really soft, thick T-shirt. I did not find it to be extremely stretchy...just enough to be comfy (and safe?)Each of these side panels are also purposefully different lengths to accommodate the side tie, and taper to be 8 inches wide at the ends.


Now in order to give a really clear picture of exactly how the wrapping is done, I think I would have to write a manual…that is not on my hobbies list! “They” do that and have a website with all the different ties and instructions...there’s even a video to show you how!

Go here for the really technical stuff!!!


What I AM going to do is briefly touch on how easy it is to wrap. The first time I used this my son was about 71/2 lbs. There is an instruction booklet that comes with the wrap, step by step instructions AND pictures. I found that it was extremely easy to follow.

It’s a VERY basic wrap around the waist like a belt, criss cross fabric at your back (should have a big X on your back) bring fabric ends over your shoulders, tuck under the “belt” of fabric around your waist and then criss cross fabric ( now you also have an X across your front) and tie at side/hip. EASY, SIMPLE. I then used the “newborn hold” The X that the fabric has made on your front side is used to hold the baby securely against your body, the “belt” of fabric (central panel) is then pulled up and over the baby (more security). You then spread (straps) the fabric over your shoulders and back. This makes it so there is no bunchy pulling feeling and distributes baby’s weight .

It only took one or two tries and then I had it down. Now it only takes me a minute (maybe less) to wrap and just another sec to put baby in. I found this to be VERY comfortable. Baby fussed for the first few minutes at first then loved it!( We use the forward facing wrap now since baby is 6 months old and wants to see EVERYTHING.) When my son was a newborn, we would have fussy time and nothing seemed to comfort him…I would put him in the Moby Wrap and he would settle down and go to sleep. This wrap DOES seem to sooth baby like they claim! I slept many nights in my rocking chair wrapped! I think baby really likes it because he is right against your body. There isn’t all that thick extra material between you and him like other carriers. It’s nice to have your hands free while shopping or whatever. I have never once felt like it was unsafe or flimsy. I have used it while breast feeding, it was very discrete and convenient.


I love my Moby D but as most of us know One Size does NOT fit all. While I was pregnant I gained a lot of weight. I was still pretty chunky when I started using the wrap. I didn’t have enough fabric to tie off at the hip. This made me of course feel awful but, what I did was use the original Moby Wrap instructions to tie at the back instead, for some reason I had enough material for that. It worked EXACTLY the same. I have finally lost enough weight to be able to use the side tie.

My husband also wanted to use the Moby D. He is a pretty broad and muscular guy. He had the same problem with being unable to tie at his side. We fixed it exactly the same way. I guess that if you are a “larger” person you should be prepared to make adjustments or have this wrap not fit you. If you go to a store that has a “model” wrap out for the purpose of fitting you should be sure to try it first! I also wonder about the REALLY tiny mommy’s and what they are supposed to do with all the extra fabric.


Just wash it in cold water with like colors and tumble dry. It may shrink but as you use it again it will resume size.


I haven’t seen these here in my area in the “main stream” stores. I got mine at a baby specialty store in Chico. I paid around $55.00 for mine. I think that is the average price you can expect to pay. They are easily found online. Maybe a little expensive but I think the versatility makes it well worth it.

My Moby D has been wonderful. I don’t use it as much as I use to … the stroller is used more now, and Daddy likes to “show him off”. I DO recommend this for Mommy’s and babies (and Daddys). I think it is especially helpful for the newborns, maybe also for the bigger babies but we have not gotten that far yet!