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Love My Nails Nail Polish

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During the summer of 2007, I bought a few bottles of clear polish with little stars and hearts floating in the polish. I have since checked for new colors and shapes periodically throughout the year.

The best part is that these bottles cost $0.97. And they last forever. I still have my original bottles, although it is difficult to pull the hearts and stars out when the bottle is half full. They haven't dried out in two years.

I usually paint my toenails a solid, light color and let them dry for a day or so before I use these particular shapes. Then I add the hearts or stars on top of the solid polish, and after it dries I'll cover it with a few coats of clear polish.

The hardest part is actually pulling the shapes out of the bottle. I usually have to dip the brush into the bottle and hope a few will stick to the brush. Then I wipe the brush on the bottle's neck to remove the polish and all but one shape. It's messy and time-consuming, and then I have to worry about placing the hearts or stars in just the right position on my nail.

All of the bottles I've found (with the exception of the blue hearts, which have a dark blue polish) contain a clear polish or a polish that is light and matches the color of the stars or hearts. For example, the green stars have a light-green-colored polish along with green pieces of glitter. It's really easy to put all the hearts on and then simply use the same bottle to seal them in.

I've never put these shapes on my fingernails, so I can't speak to how durable they would be if you were washing your hands all day long. But I always have my toenails painted, and I usually only redo them when the new nail growth is obvious. The hearts have more longevity than the stars; I almost always still have all my hearts after five to six weeks. The stars usually fall off within a few weeks unless I put at least three coats of clear polish on top of them.

Also, the hearts are made out of a material that nail polish remover doesn't dissolve or go through. It might be aluminum or plastic; I'm not really sure. I use the tip of my nail scissors to pop the hearts off before I use nail polish remover. I've found that the stars sometimes come off with nail polish remover alone, but I use my scissors to remove them as well simply out of habit.

Everyone should have a few bottles of this polish just in case a special occasion arises. I get compliments all the time, and people usually think I spent a lot of money on a pedicure. I also just really enjoy feeling pretty with the sparkly hearts and stars on my toes.