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Love My Sony Walkman Mp3 Player!

Reviewing: Sony Walkman (Nwz A816) 4 Gb  |  Rating:
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I absolutely love, Love my pink Sony Walkman MP3 player! It's actually a Digital Music Player (DMP) because it not only allows you to listen to your favorite tunes, you can download your favorite videos and photographs to show off, as well.

Before it was popular to carry your music, videos and photo's around on your cell phone, MP3 players were the way to go. I received my pink Sony Walkman (NWZ-A816) 4GB as a gift from my kids 3 or 4 years ago. I was so excited when I unwraped it. Finally - my beloved Pink Floyd is totally portable! I own every CD Pink Floyd ever put out. It took time to upload from my huge collection of CD's, but each and every one of those tunes are at home on my Sony Walkman (NWZ-A816) 4GB player. Along with a ton of other singles and artists. All in all, I currently have 337 full-length songs, 20 someodd JPG/JPEG photographs (at 800x600, 600dpi) and 4 home videos that would add up to almost 5 minutes of play. Those files combined only use 2 of the 4 gigabyte onboard memory.

Pink isn't the only color option, but it is my preferred color. The Sony Walkman (NWZ-A816) 4GB is metal - not a lightweight plastic. So when you hold it in your hand, you feel like you're actually holding something solid (1.9 oz). Volume controls are on the side. Forward, reverse, pause, stop and play super accessable from the larger dial/button with seperate buttons for Back and Options/Power. The screen is plenty big at 2" on the diagonal. Crystal clear with full, robust color. The Sony Walkman (NWZ-A816) 4GB interface is much easier and more straightforward than my sons iPod!

Many additional options available to listen to your music the way you like it. The onboard equalizer has several great presets or customize to your liking or mood. Several options for video and picture playback, as well. You can quickly create playlists, and search for stored music by Genre, Artist, Album, Folder or Channels.

Battery life is INSANE! I drove 42 hours in 4 days with my Sony Walkman (NWZ-A816) 4GB rocking me down the road the whole way....without stopping to charge up once! 42 HOURS of non-stop tunes. Heaven.

The only drawback would be the lack of a memory expansion slot. A high-speed USB cable is included to connect to your PC.

I've probably left quite a bit out, such as music, video and picture formats - but the wonder of the Sony Walkman (NWZ-A816) 4GB shouldn't be completely spoiled. I hear it went for about $99 to $120. My opinion is: Totally Worth It!! I do not foresee myself updating to a newer player for sometime. The Sony Walkman (NWZ-A816) 4GB is simply a delight and if you happen across one, give it a try.

[Note: No mention of sound quality is made because so much of that is dependant upon your headphones, earbuds & speakers. I use high quality buds, and always have. However, it did make my 2001 soccer van, stinky standard speakers sound pretty good when used in conjunction with a car cassett adapter for MP3 players.]