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Love Topper

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I have quite a few Disney antenna toppers for our cars. On Valentine's Day I needed a new topper, so I got this LOVE one from the World of Disney in Orlando's Downtown Disney shopping area.

The topper cost me $4.00 at the time, but I know they have increased in price since I got this. They originally were $3.00 for a very long time, but like anything else that becomes popular, the price has gone up a lot, in my opinion. It's probably more economical now to buy the package of toppers if you are able to get them and then you'll have several holidays covered. I believe those still retail for $19.95 for 6 toppers- (they use to be $15.00).

This topper has the word LOVE cut out and molded together. The letters are two shades of pink, white an red. The "O" is covered in red glitter on each side and has Mickey ears on it. The topper is about 2 inches long and quite heavy for an antenna, in my opinion. The hole for the antenna is a decent length, so it shouldn't fall off like some do when you hit the highway. None of the Disney toppers fit on thicker antennas and lots of luxury cars no longer have a physical antenna, just the kind built into the window with wiring.

I don't know if they'll offer these again this year, and honestly I just have mine sitting on top of my computer monitor. I have had other toppers with glitter and it does come off eventually from the weather elements. And like other toppers, always take them off your car if you use a car wash. Otherwise, it WILL come right off. We had lost ours one day and after the wash was complete and we pulled out, we walked back in to get it and found 3 others - so even though it was neat to find more toppers for free, I felt bad for the people who lost theirs.

But like I said, this particular one is big and won't be adorning my car any time soon. Since they don't have it right now, if I did use my topper, I wouldn't be able to replace it when it wears out.

Also, you need to be choosy when selecting one of these or any Disney topper. Many of them have cute little features added, but they do come off quite easily. So check them out really well. I'd say if an ear was falling off from the ones in the bin and you still wanted it, make sure to Super Glue them on better, so at least it may last a little longer.

I enjoy looking at my LOVE antenna topper and even though it's not on my car, I smile every time I glance up at it.

If at last resort you don't want to risk losing this off your car antenna, many of them do fit on the end of a pencil.