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Love Weight Watchers!!

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By sarahlovesmickey on
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After I had my second child, I needed a weight loss plan that would not interfere with my breastfeeding her (some diets are very strict which can decrease your milk supply). My friend suggested doing Weight Watchers, as they have a specific diet plan for nursing women. My friend gave me her extra "points" and tips book and her "points" calculator tool. This diet plan is very popular and is based on a "point" system. Every food according to this diet, is given a point value based on the amount of calories, fat, and fiber it has in it. Based on your ideal weight, you are given a certain number of points a day. What helped me was to keep a little journal everyday of the foods I ate and the number of points in that food.

A wonderful thing about this diet is that you can eat any food you want, BUT you have to stay within your points for the day. So, go ahead and have that sliver of chocolate cake!

Another great thing about this diet is that they have meetings and "weigh ins" every week to support and encourage you with your weight loss. Honestly, I attended one meeting because of my schedule and my family. BUT, this diet was VERY easy for me to do on my own, with the support of my friends and family.

Another positive for this diet is that AppleBees Restaurant has a section of food designated for people who want to eat a Weight Watchers meal. They even give you the point values of the meals!! Okay, onto another positive: most supermarkets have Weight Watchers brand food with the point amounts right on the food!! My favorites were the yogurts and the blueberry muffins. So easy to throw in my lunch box and snack on throughout the day.

With this plan, you get like 20 bonus points per week that you can use anyway you want to or not use at all. I loved the Weight Watchers diet plan so much. It is based on the fact that you can eat any foods you want, just in moderation!