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Lovely As Angels Dancing On My Skin

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strawberryshortcake By strawberryshortcake on
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I have really sensitive rosacea skin, so my face goes through periods where it is extremely dry, peeling, red and burning, sometimes even swelling. I recently went through one of the worst flare ups i have ever experienced, it was not good. My skin felt like i had spent an entire day out in the sun and got a really bad sunburn from this, and my face sure was lobster red, i live in Winnipeg, Canada, so trust me this time of year no way could i have a severe sunburn, and no it wasnt wind burn either, i keeep my face covered up when im outside with a scarf.

I have a beautiful friend i have known since elementary school, she had the worst skin in junior high and most of her adult life, all of a sudden her face is clear and beautiful, i thought it was just makeup she covered up the flaws with, until she told me she doesnt wear any face makeup anymore, just mascara and lip gloss, yea right i thought.

When my face went up in flames from the rosacea my friend let me try out some of her Angels cream, i thought what a lovely name, she swore to me this stuff would sooth and heal my skin instantly, its what she uses and why she doesnt need makeup. I used her cream and i fellt a little stinging on my cheeks, but that went right away in a couple of minutes, my friend said it only stung because of how raw my skin was for the rosacea. After an hour i could literally feel the cream working on my skin, it felt so good, the burning gone, and you know that feeling you get when you have a sunburn and it starts to heal with aloe vera or any other soothing product, that is how this felt on my skin. My skin darnk it right up, it is shea butter based with alot of good stuff in it, it felt thick and greasy going on and you have to melt it with body temperature from your hands. The next morning i ran to the mirror to check on my skin and the redness faded to a slight pink, and my skin felt wonderful!

I instantly fell in love with this product and had to get some, my friend an appointment with the lady that makes this product and off we went to go see her. She is a holistic nutritionist and herbalist, she created these products really for herself because she suffered from sensitive rosacea and eczema skin and was tired of putting chemicals on her face and body, but when friends and family were amazed at the changes in her skin they started asking for her to make them some, then their friends and family started asking and she decided to start her own little brand. It was from her that i learned about bismuth in cosmetics, and she susspects it was the Clinique mineral powder and sunscreen i was using that triggered my reaction and made things worse for my rosacea.

She suggested i try a two week sample of the Angels moisturizer, the oatmeal cleanser and chammomille toner, to see how my skin reacts. I am amazed at how beautiful my skin looks for the first time in my entire life, i cant stop looking at it or touching it! I honestly cannot believe the changes in my complexion, it is sooo clear, lines are smoothed, old acne scars are starting to fade, my skin literally glows, and i now understand why my friend doesnt need face makeup, i wont be needing it anymore if this keeps up! All this in about a week of using these products!! WOW!!

I am going back to see her this week after i finish up the last of the samples she gave me to purchase the full collection of products. They are formulated by hand, not machine, and without a drop of any chemical at all, no synthetics, no fragrances and no parabens. The cream has a natural earthy scent that goes away once on skin. The cream is loaded with vitamins a, b, c, d, e and k, it also has calcium, iron and protein, cold pressed olive oil, olive leaf, shea butter. I will be buying this cream, the oat soap, and the chammomille toner, the lady said the toner can be placed in a spray bottle and spitzed on the face throughout the day. She also suggested i use a mineral sunscreen meaning it will have zinc oxide and titanium oxide, to stay away from chemical sunscreens as they will cause damage and can also cause cell death, and because they are absorbed into the skin they can be absorbed into the bloodstream!! She had alot of information and i thank my friend L.D for introducing me to these products, i just hope they will continue to work for me!!