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Lover, The Lord Has Left Us

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By Andre Myrick on
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The biggest problem I have with The Sound of Animals Fighting is that they have so much talent packed into every member of the band and yet when they all come together, they make mediocre songs. This album goes in the opposite direction of "Tiger and The Duke", it features slower songs and more singing than screaming. There are a few good songs and the rest just seem like filler, random noise to make the decent songs on the album sound insanely good in comparison. Take "Skullflower" for example, a beautiful slow song with a perfect tempo and great lyrics. Well, great lyrics until you get about 01:40 into the song when you begin hearing a woman praying in Sanskrit out of nowhere. The second verse goes on to sound a lot like the first, but you aren't likely to want to sit through that forty seconds of Sanskrit. The best song, in my opinion, on the album is "The Heretic". A simple, slow song with light piano which seems to be the kind of song that this band would avoid like the plague. When The Sound Of Animals Fighting attempts to be "experimental" on this album, it just crosses the obviously extremely fine line between "experimental" and "useless". "This Heat" is a great song until you hit the 8:30 mark and realize that the last two minutes of the song will be random, replayed voices. The band's highly anticipated album "The Ocean and The Sun" will hopefully find a balance between the juxtaposed greatness this band makes; high energy, screaming experimental rock a la "Tiger and The Duke" and the slow, somewhat moving beauty of songs like "The Heretic" and "Skullflower". Only the most devoted of TSoAF fans need apply here.