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Low Thyroid, No Energy

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I have a low thyroid and diabetes, both are hormones in the body. I was diagnosed at the age of twenty with type 1 diabetes, and about 2 years later with low thyroid and pre cancerous nodules or cysts on my thyroid gland. The thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland in your neck and controls your hormones, it is a hormone!

Having low thyroid can make your skin dry and flaky, I used to have very oily acne prone skin, now my skin is dry and acne free. It makes your hair fall out and thin, also brittle and dry. I have always had thin fine hair, but now it seems to be baby fine and thin, it also used to be an oil slick, I had problems with the oiliness, I had to wash my hair daily or it would be so gross and greasy, I don't have that problem anymore, my hair is dry. I also used to have so much vitality and energy, I was like the Energizer Bunny, now there are days I can barely make it through the day, sometimes I will fall asleep before the 6:00 news! And stay sleeping right until morning, and after I get 12 hours sleep I feel like I could lay back down and sleep some more!

My doctor put me on a prescription for Levothyroxine Sodium, I have been taking this medication now since I was diagnosed. I have had my levels checked and am always told that my levels are in normal range so the medication is working. And I must admit I can feel a difference when I take it, I do have more energy. I stopped taking it a little over a month ago because of another medication I was temorarily on, the two couldn't be combined. My energy levels dropped waaay down! I am now back on my Levothyroxine and I have noticed I can get through a full work day, come home and actually get a workout done, where before I would just fall asleep on the couch, sometimes without dinner.

I also noticed that my neck puffs up alot, I thought maybe I had gained some weight because I looked like I had a double chin, since being back on this medication the swelling has gone down!

This medication does make a difference for me, I didn't think it did until I had to stop taking it for awhile. I also found that it controls my appetite as well, when I wasn't taking it I felt like I was starving, and all I wanted to do was eat! Thankfully I have to watch what I eat being diabetic or I would have ballooned up! Having low thyroid alot of people do put on alot of weight and it can be difficult to lose, same goes for those on insulin, yes I have gained a little more weight than I have carried in the past, but I eat healthy and go to the gym or try to do some kind of activity, so it hasn't been too much, I have stayed at the same weight and size for years, and I have a friend with low thyroid, she was at 250pounds, finally she decided to work really hard to get her health back and her energy and life back in 2008, she now has more energy than I do! And she is down to 130 pounds!!!! She is 5'2, and looks amazing! So for anyone out there, in the same place as my friend and myself, it is possible to lose the weight and build up your energy levels with thyroid and diabetes health problems!!