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Lower Back Pain

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Cyn Bagley By Cyn Bagley on
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Just two weeks ago, I found out why I have had continuous back pain since I was in my early twenties. I had a bone density test. In my lower lumbar region, my back has a lot of calcium missing. Funny, the rest of my bone structure was very good (in the late twenty or early thirty). Since I am in my late 40's, the density was extremely good.

I have done many things to keep that part of my body strong. I have done a lot of leg lifts and weight lifting. But, since I have been ill and I am on prednisone, I have not been able to do heavy exercise. My hardest exercises have been walking around the apartment complex.

Also when I pick up the laundry and drag it down a flight of stairs (my apartment does not have a washing machine or dryer), my back begins to ache. It can become unbearable by the end of the afternoon. I am not able to take ibuprofen because it is bad for my kidneys.

A few weeks ago I was in such pain that I was lying on the couch moaning. My hubby suggested that I try these pain relieving patches by Bengay. It hadn't crossed my mind. He went to the Safeway Pharmacy and bought some. I put them on my back. At first the patch was extremely cold and then it started to get warmer.

After about an half hour or so, I could barely feel the pain... except the nag, nag, nag type. My only problem with this patch is that it is very hard to put it on my back by myself. It kind of curls up. It works best if you get a friend to help you put it on.

I love this patch. I keep a few in my cupboard for the times when it gets painful.