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Lowrider Dances To The Beat

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While on a trip to a family reunion, my siblings and I, plus a few other relatives stopped at Walmart for supplies. Being from out of state and far from home, we found things in this particular Walmart that we hadn't seen at home.

While walking down a main aisle, I spotted these little animals. There were many various animals and each one played a song and danced to the beat. I've seen this type thing before but none had entertained me like these.

As I pressed the hand on the various toys, I watched them perform. The more I watched, the more tickled I got. Pretty soon, my entire group was with me and everyone was trying out their own favorite. The more we tried, the more tickled we got. We must have made quite a scene, though that certainly wasn't our intention. One lady stopped by and mentoned how happy we all seemed. She asked if we lived in the area and we told her about the reunion. She said that it was great to see a family having so much fun together. Yes indeed, we were having a ball.

I really had no need for this little guy, named "Lowrider". But, he made me laugh so much that I decided to take him home to my husband, who had been unable to make the trip with me. Lowrider is a biker with sunglasses and his long hair pulled into a ponytail. My husband loves motorcycles and I had a feeling he'd enjoy this toy.

I have never figured out exactly what animal Lowrider is supposed to be. By his coloring (black and white), I think of a skunk, but that doesn't seem to suit him. All I can think of is a furry rodent, but very cute.

When we went back to my cousin's house, Lowrider entertained everyone there. He'd dance to the beat and I'm happy to say that the music was actually good, unlike many others I've heard. I don't get tired of this one.

When we want to get a funny reaction, we turn it on for our dog. She can't figure out what to make of it, but she'd love to get hold of it to check it out further!

This wasn't the type gift I had in mind to take back to my husband, but it turned out to be one he really enjoys.