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Lucius Malfoy's Walking Stick Replica

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Noblecollection.com is a site in which you can find recreations of props from some of the most popular movies, or other upper quality items with the theme of that movie. Before I go on, it should be noted that I have ordered other items from this site and have been VERY satisfied, so the problem may be only with this product. Anyway, when I saw this item in the catalog, I thought it looked awesome, and I think Lucius Malfoy is cool, so I saved up some money, and had it ordered. When it arrived, I was excited and ran for the door, I opened it and just by looking at it, I was sure that I was gonna love it! I was so sure, that I threw out the box for it, but for some reason kept the styrofoam. Anyway, it looked so nice with it's snake head in sterling silver and emerald eyes. I was surprised how they could afford to sell a product with such high value things, and still only charge $95.00 for it. This surprise, didn't last too long.

At first, owning this almost made me feel like I was a bit wealthy, and I walked around the house with it, but I was still careful of where I kept it, and where I was walking with it. The real reason I wanted this though, was the wand it came with. Yeah, pull on the snake head, and it separates from the walking stick and has Lucius Malfoy's wand attached! Man, this was so cool, I thought. The thing about the wand though, was that, as I said, the snake head was attached to it. This doesn't sound like much of a problem, but the snake's mouth is open and baring it's fangs, and it's fangs are actually sharp, so you had to be careful when gripping the wand because the snake head was the handle. This doesn't seem to make sense, the handle of the wand has two sharp points? They could have easily made the fangs dull, but whatever. The quality of the walking stick was what I noticed next, I looked inside, and it looked like it was made of cork! CORK! Why such a low quality product? Well, I got over this, as I didn't buy it to actually put weight on it, I was only 15 at the time and didn't need a cane to help me walk yet, and being 17 now, I still dont.

Well, after these problems, I noticed that the wand was wiggling as I waved it. I wasn't waving it that hard, in fact I wasn't waving it hard at all, and the wand was shaking in the handle. I looked at the handle, and saw that the wand can screw out! Well, that in itself isn't a problem for me, but the fact that it can loosen just with some light waving? Come on! I screwed it back in tightly, or what I thought was tightly, as soon it was loosening again. I wasn't running around the house waving it around crazily like a small child would, as I realized it was a collectors item, and should be treated with more care than a toy, and it was loosening so quickly. I put it back in it's cane whenever it wasn't in use.

Anyway, later I noticed that the wand paint was chipped, yeah, the walking stick was only in my possession for a few days and the wand paint was already chipping. I own other wands from this company, and had them much longer and have never had any problems with coloring chipping off, so I guess they're not painted, or they use a higher quality paint. Anyway, it is at this point that I'm seriously considering returning the item. My mom tells me to think about it, so I do. There are two elastics on the part of the handle that goes into the cane in order to create resistance to hold the wand in the cane and soon after one of them broke and now there was barely any resistance at all, and the wand was barely held in. It was at this point that there was absolutely no more reason to keep this.

This wasn't the end of my problems with the item though. As I said earlier, I threw out the box, but I was lucky enough to have kept the styrofoam. However, the post office won't ship just styrofoam, and we didn't have a box big enough. We went to the post office, and even they didn't have a box big enough! We had to go to a grocery store and get several paper bags and I had to cut them up and tape them together. Noble Collections, though, accepted it with no problems and gave me a full refund. I have ordered from them after this and as I said, I was satisfied with their other products, so this is in no way a reflection on all their products, just the walking stick. The only way I could possible see this item being of any use, is if you locked it up in a display case and never touched it..... ever, but then you'd have to have the wand out it order to display it all, and the walking stick without the snake's head doesn't look all that great.

Anyway, I recommend that if you're interested in owning movie prop replicas, you check out NobleCollection.com, but just stay away from this one product..... Far away