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Lumi'ere Casino And Hotel

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St.Louis isn't known to be a hot spot for the best casino but we have definately been steppin gup our game lately. Only being known for the Ameristar and the Harrahs, we often fall by the waste side when it comes to having great casinos in our city. That was until the Lumiere came along.

Located 999 N. 2nd St. St.Louis Mo 63102; downtown in the heart of St.Louis City. The Lumi'ere Casino stands tall and loud among all the other buildings surrounding the area. It's actually extremely hard to miss with the gigantic big screen monitor located in front of the building. When the Lumi'ere Casino first came along wasn't all that interested nor was I shocked. The first thing that came to my mind was casino. All of my life I have tried to stay away from casinos due to a fear of becoming addicted. So for the first year of the Lumi'ere being open, I stayed far far away.

Anniversary time kicked in for my husband and I and we didn't have the funds to go out of town so we decided to find something recreational to do around our city. He suggested the Lumi'ere Casino and I was so against it but to my surprise he had already made reservations for us. I wasn't all that happy about this situation but I didn't want to break his spirits so I agreed to go and try to enjoy myself.

When I arrived at the Lumi'ere Casino I was stunned out of my stillettos. I had no idea that the Lumi'ere casino was so extravagant. I'm talking about plush chairs, with hardwood spotless floors. Expensive lighting that graced the ceilings and the potted plants. I was overwhelmed majortiy of the time that I was there. It took a while for me to get over the decor of the Lumi'ere Casino as well as the format in which things were in. The funny thing is, I'm only talking about the lobby. I have yet to get to the Room we stayed in.

I have never been a fan of hotel rooms. I have a phobia of sleeping on sheets that many other people have slept on. But when my husband and I were escorted to our room, I was blown away by the vibrant, exceptionally clean Lumi'ere hotel room. It wasn't your ordinary nor average hotel room. This was more like a small apartment that over looked the St.Louis Arch. The Lumi'ere Casino's room had an area where the King size bed was located, then it had an area where the sitting room was located as well as a dining area. I have never known any hotel room to have a dining area where you could actually have dinner. I was stunned and amazed all at the same time. We also got the pleasure of watching a flat screen television with HD, which is something we don't even get to enjoy in our own home. The beds were so comfortable I didn't want to even go to the casino to gamble. I think it was more or less the down comforters that had me hooked.

Now I know I said I wasn't a fan of gambling but it was something about the Lumi'ere Casino that made all that go down the drain. Being in the mist of the Lumi'ere Casino did something to my desire of not wanting to gamble my money away.The only thing that I enjoy playing is poker but I have never liked the atmosphere of poker areas in casinos until I encountered the Lumi'ere Casino's poker room. I'm talking about everything is wood grain; poker tables every where with big screen in each wall. The environment in which the poker room was in made me want to gamble my life away. Of course, I didn't but that was the feeling that I got.

The Lumi'ere Casino had bartenders wherever you turned, whenever you needed something you were catered to with no delay.

All of the casinos that I have experienced in my time didn't do to much entertaining.If they did it wasn't often at all. The Lumi'ere Casino has an entertainment theatre which seats 450 people and no matter where you sit, you feel like you are in the front row, I don't know how they did it ut they made it happen .

The fact that the Lumi'ere Casino offers amenties like women department stores as well as men department stores only made me want to come back more often. I was able to find some really sexy items for a nice price. Alot of times, clothing stores in Casinos are a bit expensive but not at the Lumi'ere Casino. I spent 100 dollars and was more than satisfied.

If you ever decide to come to St.Louis for a get away vacation I would definately recommend you stop by the Lumi'ere Casino. You might just find yourself a home away from home