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Luminous Arc

Reviewing: Nintendo Ds Luminous Arc  |  Rating:
By digbybare on
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Luminous Arc is an SRPG developed by ATLUS. It's similar to other SRPGs such as Disgaea (also developed by ATLUS) and Final Fantasy Tactics. The actual battle mechanics are alright, but nothing to write home about. It's pretty generic as far as SRPGs go. It doesn't have a very complex class system or anything, nor does it have any cool gimmicks like Disgaea had with the colors.

The story is absolutely mediocre in every way. It provides nothing new or interesting. It is the blandest, most generic RPG story. The story that happens between battles gets almost irritating to go through. The voice acting, like almost every other aspect of the game, is passable but not great.

The game is also extremely linear. It follows the rigid structure of plot development, battle, plot development, battle, etc. the entire game. Each story-battle pair is followed directly by the next, there's no real free exploration or anything.