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Lunia A Decent Beat Em Up Mmorpg

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Lunia: Record of the Lunia War is a relatively recently made MMORPG published by Gamengame and Nexon. The MMORPG sports a beat-em-up control system, i.e., the player uses a combination of buttons to execute combat.

The graphics are generally well made for a 3D MMO, and can run on a decent few low-ended systems, dating back to 2004. There are 3D character models, but the camera is almost always at a bird's eye view. Besides the usual social interaction and making friends, and joining parties and such, there's a few things that are notable that set Lunia apart from many MMORPGs.

One, Lunia has an interactive storyline, and the story is separated into "stages." People can enter stages publicly or have their own private room to complete the stage. Thus, people with decent parties can finish stages together in record times. The storyline is comic-based, and shows at the beginning and end of stages.

Players can continue to repeat stages until they are ready for the next, although this may disrupt the flow of the plot. One good thing that the game does is have a central place for people to conduct trade and do business, no matter what stage people are on. This centralizes and community and allows it to grow.

The battle system is unique and entertaining, allowing people to beat up enemies and use skills in conjunction. The class system diverses this, and allows a good amount of choices for the player to pick. However, the ideal party is made up of many different classes.

Overall, Lunia is definitely worth the download, but overall will fail unless you find some good friends to play with you. Stages can only be entertaining for a while.