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Lus Smitten Hand Cream

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heathererin By heathererin on
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Smitten Hand Cream's scent was inspired by Lush's Snowcake Soap, a marzipan scented Christmas special that earned cult status from its moisturizing capabilities and fragrance. Taking the moisturizing effects of almond oil even further, Smitten is packed with healing ingredients that soothe even the most flaky and cracked of hands.

As a mother of small children and a knitter who works primarily with wool, my hands are continually under attack. Frequent washing, cleaning products, and even the wool I use suck the moisture from my hands, leaving them a chapped, bleeding mess with cracked skin that catches on my clothing and my yarn. Ugh!

Normally in the winter I end up making countless home made sugar scrubs. I literally have to use oil and sugar mixed together to *sand* my hands smooth, then I have to smother them in anything I can find - jojoba oil, vaseline, moisturizer, anything. But this year I've put a pot of Smitten next to my computer, and the following things have happened:

1.) My hands are in better condition than they ever have been before

2.) My elbows are pretty good too

3.) My laptop is visibly smoother

Okay, not number three (although I suspect if you typed with my machine you'd get slightly moisturized) but my hands and elbows are significantly better than they've been in years prior. I can pick up my baby even when she's wearing soft knits without my hands sticking to her like velcro. Facial tissues don't stick to my hands either. (Yes, that's how dry and cracked they were.)

Now, do I like the smell of Smitten? Not really. It's not great like a lot of other Lush products. But if you like Amaretto or almonds or marzipan, you'll probably love it. And even if you don't, it's not offensive. One last note - if you're allergic to nuts, I would recommend you avoid this one as a lot of the softening is from being packed full of nut oils.