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Lush Quinquereme Of Nineveh Retro Soap

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By mellaview on
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LUSH Quinquereme of Nineveh Retro Soap is part of retros, new yet old collection of Lush soaps. Its an oldie that has been brought back for new customers that have never gotten to experince it before.

When I first got a glimpse of LUSH Quinquereme of Nineveh Retro Soap on the official Lush.com website I was pretty excited, because not only were there tons of new soaps and products from the Retro collection I had never seen before, but what really got me pumped was the fact that LUSH Quinquereme of Nineveh Retro Soap was described as smelling like coconut!

Now I adore coconut so long as the smell is realistic, and not some fake generic tanning lotion stink, that I HATE!

Low and behold, LUSH Quinquereme of Nineveh Retro Soap smelled true to a real coconut, and I adored the scent.

In the shower as I ran it up and down my body it left behind a lovely mily trail of actual coconut milk. Not only that the soap has real shavings of coconut to provide a light exfoliation to your skin.

Sadly though the lovely coconut scent does not last after you dry up.

However seeing how it is so enjoyable to use in the shower, I still highly recommend you try it. If you are a Lush fan this one is a must. If you are new to Lush, this is the scent to start with! You will love love love it!