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Lush Retro: Honey Waffle Soap

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By mellaview on
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When Lush released their Retro line of products, I hopped on board and ordered up a bunch of their soaps. Honey Waffle was one soap from the collection that I honestly thought I would love above and beyond all others.

I was wrong!

Honey Waffle arrived to my door a near sopping dripping mess of honey! The soap uses real honey in the ingredients, however my particular cut was half soap, half actual honey... the result was a goopy mess of stickiness.

The scent was also not so awesome either. I imagined it would smell like honey, herbs, and maybe even flowers.

The scent that I got though was actually mildly that of rotting vegetables, and it was truly disgusting. The lather in the shower was nothing to brag about either. Seeing how this particular soap is glycerine based, it barely lathered up, no bubbles, no froth, sothing silky to even note. It felt more slimy than it did anything else.

The small pieces of soap I actually was able to salvage from the mess melted pretty qucikly under running water as well.

I spent $7.95 on Honey Waffle, and wished I hadn't. Honey Waffle by far is the worst soap I have ever gotten from Lush.

I recommend you skip out on this one if you plan on ordering from the Lush Retro collection. Try something else over this one. It's nothing but a sticky stanky mess.